About Us

Contact Dynamix is a Professional Services organisation based in Brisbane Australia specialising in Genesys Contact Centre services, support and related application development. We provide services to our clients for the design, implementation and support of Contact Centre solutions.

Our Founders

  • Picture of Alasdair
    Alasdair Boyd

    Alasdair has been working in the Contact Centre industry for over 18 years and working with Genesys software for 13 years and counting.

    Alasdair got interested in computers from the age of 12 when he found a manual for BASIC in his parent's computer desk. The computer, mind you, was an Atari 8088XT personal computer with a monitor that worked with shades of amber. He proceeded to teach himself BASIC and then QuickC. Over the years he has taught himself other languages such as Visual Basic for Applications (once proudly known as Macro Man), HTML, CSS, PHP, Codeigniter, Javascript, Java and more recently AngularJS and Laravel.

    The combination of a strong background in computer programming and years of experience with Genesys enables Alasdair to come up with innovative ways to use technologies to meet the business requirements of his customers.

    Alasdair is a strong communicator who is able to effectively communicate solutions to technical and non-technical users at all levels of the organisation.

    Find out more about Alasdair at http://www.alboyd.com.

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    Alexander Romanov

    Alex has been working in the Genesys Contact Centre space for over 13 years. He has a broad and expert knowledge of Genesys solutions from Inbound Voice and SIP Server to GVP and Virtual Hold to eServices solutions such as Email and IWD. Over the years Alex has led the successful delivery of major technically complex deployments in the role of lead architect and deployment lead.

    Alex has extensive experience on both sides of the Genesys consulting fence having worked to support the optimal use of Genesys solutions within a major Australian telecommunications services provider and as a consultant within the leading Genesys services companies in Australia.

Contact Us

Brisbane: +617 3149 3362

Sydney: +612 8064 3000